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Acting Tutor Insurance

Acting Tutor Insurance

Acting is a form of art and requires practice, some want to start as a skill and for some its a dream. People seek lessons to get better at this skill or simply just want to learn as it may be fun for some. As an acting tutor it is your job to push people out of their comfort zones and provide advice/mentorship.

Being an acting tutor however comes with many risks. You provide advice and lessons to people but what happens when your advice doesn't work out, or what happens when someone gets hurt during one of your lessons. Some may even argue you brought mental trauma and ruined their dream career. It is your duty to bring a great atmosphere and teaching with good intentions but unfortunately not everyone would see it that way and that's why it’s important to get insurance for you and your business.

Some insurances that are recommended are professionalliability insurance and general liability insurance. General liability insurance is highly recommended for any business owner. General liability insurance protects you from any accidents that happen on your property. For instance, if a client is doing some acting exercises and trips down the stairs causing serious injury. They may decide to take legal action against you, but with general liability insurance you would be protected from accidents like this. Another example would be someone accidentally falls off the stage and gets hurt, commercial general liability can protect you and your business. Professional liability insurance however protects you from your own teachings. As a tutor there is only so much you can do to help others. With that being said some people may think you cause mental harm to them during your lessons. Some may argue that you aren’t qualified enough and caused them distress which may ruin your reputation. As a result they can take legal action against you, whether you are found liable or not, professional liability insurance will protect you.

Learn more about insurance for acting tutors by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote.


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