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Kinesiology Insurance

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. It is a broad term and the people studying kinesiology may narrow down their interests such as sport medicine, psychology, ergonomics, fitness, injury prevention, and more. Kinesiologists are health professions that help improve the health and wellness of others while treating and preventing injuries and diseases.

Although physical activity is safe and should be included in everyone’s daily routine, it can pose some risks if you are not performing the activities correctly, or if you are compromised for any reason. For instance, it is never good to over exercise, but exercising too little is also not good. You may also have a leg injury, or are pregnant, then you will have to adjust your physical activity routine so you do not strain yourself. It is a kinesiologists job to help prevent such injuries and to make sure you are safely carrying out your physical activities.

It is important for kinesiologists to be covered for with insurance. Professional liability insurance is a legal requirement that covers claims made due to negligence that are against you. For instance, a client might file a claim against you because they believe that your service is doing more harm than good. 

Learn more about insurance for kinesiologists by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote below. 

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