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Music Teacher Insurance

Play Assured with Insurance

Like any other business, being a music teacher has many risks. Some risks may not be as obvious as others, but why not make sure you're covered no matter what.

Working with kids everyday could mean that you double as a babysitter. With that being said kids are always running around and getting hurt. Parents are always having high expectations and will sometimes accuse their teachers of wrongdoing if their child does not succeed.

Insurances like professionalliability insurance and general liability insurance are highly recommended. Professional liability insurance can protect you from angry parents. For instance if one of your students entered a music competition and ended being the first ones out, this could infuriate the parents, placing the blame on you and possibly taking legal action. This is when professional liability insurance can protect you. General liability insurance will protect you from accidents. Accidents are inevitable and will happen no matter how many safety precautions you take. People trip and fall all the time but sometimes injuries can incur which is why general liability insurance is a must.

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