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Recording Studio Services

Record in peace with insurance 

A recording studio is a specialized facility for recording audio. It typically features multiple rooms to record multiple instruments or multiple groups at once. Ranging in size from being large enough to record one person to studios big enough to record whole symphonies.

Dealing with expensive musical instruments and professional grade recording equipment often means the startup expenses can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands. A great way to protect you and your property is with insurance. 

We recommend two types of insurance: Professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance would cover the more abstract claims and claims involving negligence errors. For example, a client wants to sue after noticing the audio recording was not up to his expectation, it would be covered under professional liability insurance. General liability insurance would cover claims involving physical damages. So if a client wanted to sue after their instrument was damaged in the recording studio, it would be covered under general liability insurance. To protect you and your business insurance is a key part of that protection. 

Find out more about insurance for recording studios by consulting us or by getting a free online quote below.

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