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Teeth Whitening Insurance

Smile Harder with Bright Teeth and Insurance

As the name explains, teeth whitening removes stains on teeth, causing them to appear brighter. The most common teeth whitening method is teeth whitening strips as they are affordable, quick, convenient, and you can use them in the comfort of your own home. There is also an option to get teeth whitening done professionally at a dental clinic. However, it will be more costly of course. Generally, teeth whitening is a relatively safe procedure, but like all cosmetic treatments, some risks are involved. After teeth whitening, patients may have side effects such as increased teeth sensitivity, gum irritation, and damage to tooth enamel. 

As a dental worker, you have to ensure that you safely perform the teeth whitening procedure and that your patient is comfortable. Otherwise, you may face bodily injuries lawsuits, and if you are not covered by insurance, it could be very costly to resolve all the legal incidents. What if your teeth whitening UV lamp suddenly stops working? Or even worse, what if your client is not happy with the results and claims for negligence? 

That’s why we recommend professionalliability insurance (PLI). PLI protects you against accidental damages you may cause your client during a dental session. However, there are other dangers your client may be exposed to. Within a workplace, anything could be a hazard. A chair could have a loose screw and a client bay sit on it and hurt themselves. A tv you put up to entertain your clients might have a loose screw and fall on your client, hurting them. The danger could even be as simple as a slippery floor. These damages are all caused by 3rd parties. To protect yourself against 3rd party damages, we recommend commercial general liability insurance (GLI). Every business should get GLI because it’s impossible to get rid of all 3rd party risks.

Learn more about insurance for teeth whitening services by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote below. Here we leave a link to our insurance inquiry for teeth whitening.

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