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cupping massage in action

Hijama / Wet Cupping 

Cup assured with insurance

Wet cupping also called Hijama is a style of cupping that involves small incisions on the skin. Prior to placing the actual cup onto the skin, the area is sanitized and small incisions are made with a device called a plus blossom. The cups are then placed on the skin to draw out blood.

They are typically left one for five to ten minutes, causing smaller blood vessels to burst hence the bruising effect. It's based on the principle of letting out ‘bad blood’, akin to bloodletting. Due to this, this procedure does have some restriction on age groups and medical conditions. 

As this process does involve blood and open wounds, insurance would be a wise investment. We recommend general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. General liability insurance will cover claims involving physical damage, like if a client wanted to sue after receiving an infection. Professional liability insurance will cover more abstract claims involving negligence errors. For instance, a client wanted to sue after not noticing any improvement to his arthritis, it would be covered under professional liability insurance. 




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