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Chartered Occupational Psychologist Insurance

A chartered occupational psychologist is essentially a psychologist who specializes in workers in work environments. They are involved with addressing issues regarding the performance of workers who are working and in training, a process called industrial organizational psychology.  They are typically used to find ways to boost morale in the company and improve leadership training courses.

As the name occupational suggests, large companies typically hire them and they may be employed in the role of a consultant. As psychologists, they typically have a doctoral degree and a graduate degree at a minimum. Licenses are granted by the Camadoam Psychological Association provided they meet the requirements. 

We recommend three insurance types for this occupation: Professional liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, and general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance will cover claims of negligent mistakes and malpractice, very important for this occupation as mistakes can cost companies expensive amounts of money. Employer's liability insurance can help you if you are unable to work due to a work related accident. General liability insurance will cover claims involving third parties and physical damage. Insurance is paramount for this industry, investing into a safety net is a wise decision.

Find out more about insurance for chartered occupational psychologists by consulting us or by getting a free online quote below.

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