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Therapeutic Cuddling Insurance

Cuddling with danger

Therapeutic cuddling is a bit of an oddball in alternative medicine. It is not a new concept, it recently experienced a popularity boom in part from digital isolation. It works on the principle that touch and intimateness will provide peace and reassurance. Despite the odd name, it is strictly professional and there is a strenuous certification process for the client and ‘cuddler’.

Clients have to answer a questionnaire and go through an interview session and sign a waiver. Once they pass, then they get to receive therapeutic cuddling. Once the parties have met, there are prescribed clothes and setups that they have to follow. For example, Cuddlist prescribes that both parties must wear a clean t-shirt and sweatpants. 

Despite the numerous safeguards and policies, accidents and misunderstandings are prone to happening from the intimacy and contact. We recommend professional liability insurance, general liability insurance and sexual abuse liability insurance. Professional liability insurance will help cover legal fees and compensations stemming from negligent errors. For example, if a client wanted to sue after a cuddler did not follow a detail in the policy, it would be covered. General liability insurance would cover claims involving physical damage, like if a cuddler broke a vase.

Sexual abuse liability insurance would cover any claims stemming from sexual actions, like if a client felt they were touched inappropriately. In this day and age, sexual abuse claims are much more frequent, even when the accused has done absolutely nothing wrong. In order to combat this, owners of therapeutic cuddling businesses should invest in sexual abuse liability insurance. This type of insurance will prevent severe financial loss from damaging your business in response to sexual assault allegations. Insurance is a valuable investment, especially if your company deals in the hospitality sector. 

Always be aware of the best kind of insurance for your business. For more information about getting the right insurance for your profession as a therapeutic cuddler consult with us and get a free quote now with the link below.

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