insuranceDo you hear that? It’s the sound of relief with insurance!
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Sound Healing Insurance

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of relief with insurance!

Sound healing is an ancient method and is used to relax the human body. It is said to help with stress, sleep, anger management and even depression. This technique uses bowls (also known as singing bowls) and seven unique metals that produce a unique sound in different tones and frequencies.

This may be seen as a treatment especially for those who sees one regularly and may be considered as alternative medicine. For those who are interested it does offer courses and programs for this career. This career will help you obtain a certification and will help you be a professional in this service. It is extremely important to have one because patients and clients will be more willing to trust you. You may think this service does not have many risks but in fact it’s low but it's still there. What if your patient's ears had hearing damage after a session? What if you offered aftercare but it harmed them instead? Insurance can cover these problems.

Sound healers insurance is a must because it includes two types of insurance and can guarantee you a safe journey. The first insurance that is included is professional liability- this guarantees any accidents you made during the session is covered. For example: your patient is a first comer and the first thing you do is ensure the procedure is done correctly but then during the session your patient experiences hearing damage. That patient has a right to sue you but instead of facing a lawsuit you have insurance covering you for this mishap. This is what professional liability does, in medical situations it is medical malpractice and even then insurance can still cover you. The second insurance is commercial general liability- this insurance covers any accidents that happen in the clinic or on property an example should be a patient falling down the stairs or slipping. Insurance will cover that for you without facing any trouble. 

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