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Fitness Trainers Insurance

As a personal trainer, it is your job to help your clients reach their fitness goals. This includes training tips, motivation and just pushing them to their limits. With that being said when pushing people to their limits accidents may occur and when it does you don't want to be held liable.

The risks associated with being a personal trainer, albeit low, are important enough for every personal trainer to invest in insurance. This will prevent you from suffering from the consequences of a lawsuit so that you won’t fall victim to a serious financial attack. A personal trainer requires the manipulation of another individual’s body, so it is very easy for said individual to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against you. You should always be prepared whenever something like that occurs. This is why insurance is very important to have.

Insurances like general liability insurance, professional liability insurance and sexual harassment insurance are highly recommended for a career like this. General liability insurance protects you from and third-party accidents. For example, if a client trips on some weights left on the ground causing them serious injury, they may decide to pursue legal action as a result but with general liability insurance, you will be protected. Professional liability insurance protects you and your practices. For instance, a client may have certain weight loss goals that they have hoped to achieve with your help, but if they were unable to reach this goal they may decide to take legal action against you for negligence. Sexual harassment insurance protects you from any sexual harassment claims. As a fitness trainer, you may need to be close and physical sometimes with clients which may lead to them taking it the wrong way, your intentions may have been pure but maybe not to them. This is why sexual harassment insurance is important.

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