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Fitness Planner / Instructor

As a fitness instructor your sole job is to lead and motivate others to exercise towards the betterment of their health. Whether it's with the use of weights or with just a light jog around your neighborhood. Fitness instructors will do it all, but with each new activity comes a new risk. If on a run and you push a client too hard and they end up fainting they may decide to sue.

Or when using weights with clients and you push the client to use heavier weights in which they injure themselves, they may find you responsible for their injury and require compensation from it. Not only are you at risk from clients getting injured but what happens when you injure yourself and can no longer work for a period of time. These reasons are why it's important to have insurance as a fitness instructor, not only to cover clients but to cover yourself as well.

Some insurances to look into would be general liability insurance and professional liability 🙋 insurance. General liability insurance covers any third party damages caused to your equipment, building or clients. For example, if a client trips on weights left behind by someone else and ends up falling injuring themselves and breaking a mirror on the fall down, as a result the client has also decided to take legal action because of this. General liability insurance will cover any damages done to your property, legal fees and any other fees that come as a result of this. Professional liability insurance covers you and your professional practices. For example, you're helping a client with a workout and instructing them on what to do, and as a result they severely injure themselves and are hospitalized for a couple days. Professional liability insurance will cover any medical fees and loss income that the client has suffered.

Learn more information about getting the right insurance to operate as a fitness instructor by consulting with one of our thorough brokers or get a free online quote now using the link attached below.