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Dance Teacher Insurance

Dance your worries away

Being a dance instructor isn’t easy. You have to teach a physical activity as well as making considerations for people of varying skill levels. You are expected to push clients out of their comfort zones to try something new.

As with pushing any boundary, incidents are prone to happen. Protecting yourself from lawsuits due to miscommunication, accidents or mistakes are the last thing any teacher wants

Professional liability insurance, General liability insurance

General liability insurance is a must have for business owners, it protects you from damages sued on the basis of your workspace causing damages, in this case the classroom / studio. For example, it will protect you if one of your students slips and fall in the classroom. Professional liability insurance insures you from incidents caused by negligence. For example, someone injures themselves while  stretching. Both of these insurance types are highly recommended for dance teachers. 

To learn more about insurance for dance teachers and other teaching professionals, consult us or get a free online quote below. 

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