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Energy Healing Insurance

Heal your soul with insurance

Healing is a form of mental and physical energy and is meant to help you rebuild confidence, spiritual awareness, and rebuild your consciousness. Energy healing is considered an alternative medicine which means it’s a potential method but not a panacea. Energy healing for some is a belief or a spiritual connection to “cure” itself.

Using methods to manipulate energy from the body and sometimes using a therapeutic touch, in a way it can be used for the mind to improve it’s wellness. Energy Healing is a form of treatment where the cause of illnesses in a human’s body is due to the improper balancing of energies. The practice aims to balance the body’s energies, or in some cases completely eradicate the “negative energies” in the body. 

However, as with all other forms of alternative medicines, this business comes with massive risks. It's not mandatory to get a license or a certification to perform this but it’s best to receive the coverage.  Energy Healing is more susceptible than most other forms of healing or therapy due to its nature, and can often be fraudulent or actively harmful to the recipient. To prevent this, you can pick up several different forms of insurance. Energy healing insurance is available and it consists of two coverages: professionalliability and commercial general liability. What professional liability insurance can do for you is prevent you from going bankrupt after being sued for claims of medicalmalpractice, negligence, or fraud. A client comes in for energy healing, for weeks they pay for this service but no effects were made to better their lifestyle, that is considered fraud, and in this case the insurance can cover that accident or negligence made. Commercial general liability has the ability to cover you for accidents on that property that were not made by you. A client walks in and falls down the stairs or slips, the insurance has the ability to cover that. Accidents and negligence are bound to happen and it’s best to figure it out today before it happens. It is important to get this coverage today.

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