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Henna body art insurance


Henna body art is a form of body art, known for its deep orange-brown colour. Henna temporarily stains the skin and is mainly used during special occasions such as weddings and birthdays. There is historical and cultural significance behind the usage of henna body art

and the henna paste symbolizes good health and prosperity in marriage. Henna is a temporary dye which only sits on the skin’s surface rather than piercing it and as a result, henna body art is not tattoos. Tattoos are permanent and the tattoo ink pierces the skin. 

Henna body art has been practiced for thousands of years, since ancient Egypt. South Asia has popularized this style of art and now it is practiced globally with each region having its own unique styles and traditions. 

Henna art is relatively safe, but like all body art procedures, there are health risks associated. However, some henna artists may offer black henna which is dangerous. Real henna should be a deep orange-brown colour—never black. Black henna contains an ingredient called paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is commonly used in permanent hair dyes. If black henna is used on skin, it can cause serious skin irritation and potentially a skin burn. 

As a henna artist, it is important to consider professionalliability insurance in case of any claims against you, such as someone accusing negligence, or if you have accidentally inflicted harm on a client. Learn more about insurance for henna body art by consulting with us or by obtaining a free quote below. 

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