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 Crystal Healing      

Crystal healing is an unorthodox type of medical treatment done with the mindset of healing the human psyche. Just like any other business it is highly recommended to get the insurance you need and keep yourself protected.


Accidents in any workplace are inevitable, so why not make sure you have the proper coverage to protect yourself. 


Some insurances like professional liability and general liability would be recommended for this type of occupation. Professional liability protects you and your business from unhappy clients. For example a client comes in very skeptical about your practice but decides to give it a try as you've told them this can be very beneficial to their mental health. They give this a shot and feel no benefit to their health, as a result they decide to take legal action against you. With Professional liability you will be covered in cases like this. For general liability this will protect you from any accidents that occur on your property. For instance a client stands up too quickly, feels light headed and falls down. Professional liability insurance will cover this for you.


Learn more about insurance for Crystal Healers by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote.