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The biggest job site hazard isn’t what you think.

When talking job site safety, the conversation naturally includes accidents, hazards and other physical issues contractors and construction workers face every day on the job. But seldom does the biggest hazard come up: lack of proper insurance coverage.

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Your livelihood is hazardous to your life.

During a 45-year career, there is a 1 in 200 chance that a construction worker will die from a work-related incident.

While today’s construction sites are safer than ever, nobody should be satisfied with this percentage.

liability insurance

Today is going to hurt.

About 672 workers will be injured on the job in Canada today. How many workers are on your site?

By fostering a culture of safety, you can keep your worksite from becoming a part of this statistic.

construction insurance

Your business is dying.

Did you know that out of all worker deaths, construction, transportation and material moving workers account for 47 percent. That’s right. Our industry accounts for nearly half of all workplace deaths. Think about that for a minute.

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Four reasons to fear for your bottom line.

If you’re in construction, you know the fatal four. Falls account for 39.2% of deaths on a job site. Being struck by an object, 8.2%. Electrocution results in 7.3% of deaths. And getting caught under or between objects is responsible for 5.1% of construction deaths.

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Can you afford to go to work?

Construction is a costly business. You know that better than we do. Your costs add up even before a job begins. But did you know that 15 percent of overall workers’ compensation costs are spent on workers who were injured at a construction site?

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Will anyone survive this?

Companies with 10 or fewer employees and those who are self-employed account for nearly half of all deaths on construction sites.

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Is negligence hurting your workers?

Were you aware that 54 percent of the workers killed in a construction-related fall had no access to a personal fall arrest system? And 23 percent had access to a PFAS but did not use it?

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What exactly are you building?

As a construction contractor, you can look at a set of plans and see what the final project will look like.