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Color Therapy Insurance

Color Therapy

Color therapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses light and colors to treat ailments. It was dated back to the ancient Egyptians who used sunrooms with colored glass panels. As with any alternative medicine, it is considered to be in the “grey area” of medicine.

It is based on the idea that different colors will invoke different responses (like emotions). Some colors are considered to be stimulating like red, while other colors are seen as soothing like blue. 

Alternative medicine is often in the “grey area” of medicine due to lack of sufficient information on its efficacy and risks. Insurance can protect you from risks and negligent claims by clients. We recommend getting professionalliability and general liability insurance. Professional liability  insurance will cover damages from negligence claims. For example, a client wants to seek compensation after a sunlight was left open too long and ruined the experience, it would be covered. General liability insurance will cover claims involving bodily harm. For example, a client got burned from a sunlight, general liability insurance will cover the potential damages. 

To find out more about insurance for color therapy, consult us or get a free online quote below.

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