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Breathwork Practitioner  

It is said to boost immunity, being able to process emotions, self awareness and so much more, overall it is said to be a positive experience that helps with decreasing stress levels. It also claims to improve anger issues, anxiety, depression, pain, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and even grief. Get Insurance Now

There are several types of breathwork that are aimed to improve one's lifestyle: shamanic, vivation, transformational breath, holotropic, clarity, and rebirthing. Each breathwork has its own techniques but what if the techniques injure a person and their breathing gets worse instead of better? What if their mental health deteriorated instead of better, who is liable for that? Expect lawsuits and angry clients if you provide these services but go wrong. As a breathwork practitioner it is extremely important you are certified as it will put you and your business at risk for negligence. Your clients trust you and your business to improve their quality of life, and by protecting yourself as well you should get breathwork insurance.

Breathwork insurance includes professional liability and commercial general liability, the two insurances will help you from accidents and your negligence or accidents caused to a client. An example would be a client is doing the techniques but instead of feeling relaxed they hyperventilate and cause them to have a respiratory issue, you are still held liable for that which this insurance protects you from. Think of it as a protection from lawsuits and it can happen anytime, best keep you and your practice protected. Commercial general liability is a protection from accidents on your property, a client may have slipped on a floor and injured themselves which leaves you liable for their injuries, instead the insurance prevents that from occurring. It is important you get this insurance if you provide similar services too.

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