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Chinese Medicine Insurance

Traditional Chinese Medicine needs Insurance just like Western Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on the balance, harmony, and energy of life. It differs from Western Medicine as it does not focus on science, and it is not methodical. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses many different practices such as acupuncture, herbs, cupping, moxibustion, tai chi, and more.

Ultimately, traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the belief that an energy called “qi” flows throughout our body, and if a pathway is blocked, it results in an imbalance of energy, causing illness. Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on a variety of practices that each have a distinct goal to assist the body to attain balance and harmony. In contrast, Western Medicine concentrates on drugs that are prescribed for a specific impact. For example, ibuprofen - or what most people know as Advil - is used for pain relief of muscle aches, headaches, etc. Chinese medicine, as opposed to western medicine, utilizes methods, like cupping, to mitigate these bodily issues. Chinese medicine has a plethora of benefits that western medicine is incapable of delivering.

However, the research done on traditional Chinese Medicine is not the same as Western Medicine; hence, many question traditional Chinese Medicine’s credibility and safety. In addition, although there have been supporting studies showing that traditional Chinese Medicine can help treat chronic and acute problems like arthritis, insomnia, and depression, there may be risks involved in the procedure. For instance, the alternative therapist may use non-sterile needles, which leads to infections and improper delivery, resulting in injuries. Some traditional Chinese medicines are relatively low risk, though, such as tai chi. Tai chi could inflict minor soreness and aches, but they are not fatal. 

As an alternative therapist for traditional Chinese Medicine, you should consider professionalliability insurance, medicalmalpractice insurance, and more so you can be protected if anyone decides to claim negligence against you. These practices will help alleviate the financial damages caused by malpractice claims from your clients.

Learn more about insurance for traditional Chinese Medicine by consulting with us or by obtaining a free quote below. Here we leave a link to our insurance inquiry for traditional Chinese Medicine.

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