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Animal Grooming Insurance

Grooming day should be simple, no complications involved. 

Pets are people's best friends and most take care of them very well by giving them monthly grooming. Some can do it themselves and some would like a professional so they can ensure that they get proper care without any harm. Nowadays, pet grooming is a highly demanded service that is constantly improving and innovating itself.

People love their pets and want to give them the best possible experience in grooming. Whether you are a trained groomer owner of a pet grooming business or are planning to start your new business in this field, you should be aware that the industry is not as risk-free as it seems. To secure yourself, your business and your furry friends, you will want to get the right insurance for your animal grooming business. 

Keep them safe

It might be hard for you to think of situations where your grooming business might be at risk and would require insurance. However, the risks are there, and it's better to be cautious. For instance, you might be liable if you badly hurt a pet by mistake while providing your services. There have been cases where groomers accidentally cut dogs' nails too short and cause infection or paralyzed limbs. The dog can also face harm by being cut by accident; this can go very wrong or can be minor.  In these situations, pet owners might want to hold you responsible for the pet injuries and expenses. Therefore, having Professional Liability Insurance to cover you for negligent mistakes is essential. 

Another insurance you need to take into account is General Liability Insurance. Imagine one pet that comes for a grooming service to your business bites another client. In situations like this, you might be found liable for the injuries suffered by the client. You might have to face lawsuits, payout expenses, but General Liability Insurance could help you cover them. In order to be covered for employees' work-related injuries, you will need to register and pay for Workers Compensation Insurance under theWorkers' Compensation Board.

To learn more about the coverages that might be helpful for you and your grooming business, get an insurance quote below.

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