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It is one of the most historically risky industries in the world. While not as technically complex as some other industries, the combination of 'stuff' in the construction industry including a lot of moving physical pieces seems to conjure up a serious set of risks which companies, workers and the entire needs to manage every day.

Major Career in Pet Care

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Animal Hospital

A career where you help animals get back to normal and reunite them with their loved ones; doesn't get much more special..

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Everything About Animal Hospital or Clinic

What do animal hospital do?
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Animal hospitals are one of the most common medical facilities in the United States. Clinics give services to animals of all kinds, from cats to dogs to horses. Treatments provided can be vaccines, spaying or neutering, and even surgical procedures. Suppose you’re considering opening your animal hospital. In that case, you’ll want to make sure you understand what the job entails.
Highly qualified veterinarians and technicians make up the staff in animal hospitals. Veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and animal hospitals are similar to animal hospitals.

Are animal clinic less equipped?
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A veterinary clinic is where a veterinarian can diagnose and treat various illnesses in animals. However, veterinary clinics are not only limited to the treatment of animals. A veterinary clinic is an essential part of any medical facility. It treats a wide range of human ailments.
Animal Clinics are a unique business and require a lot of patience, skill, and knowledge. One of the very important things is to provide a healthy environment for the animal. Included needs to be proper food and water to keep the animal healthy. Another important thing is to make sure that the animal is comfortable.

How many VCA animal hospitals are there?
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The Veterinary Care Association is a non-profit organization. The VCA serves the veterinary health care industry by providing educational and professional opportunities for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary students. The VCA has developed a list of the top 50 animal hospitals in the United States and Canada based on several criteria: number of facilities, number of doctors, and number of surgeries.
Veterinarians are a diverse group of professionals. They are highly trained to diagnose and treat various diseases in animals. Veterinarians treat over 50 million pets every year in the United States alone. They work in multiple settings, including large animal clinics, small animal practices, emergency rooms, and more.
VCA Animal Hospitals is the largest veterinary hospital network in North America. It has over 400 clinics in 45 states and Puerto Rico..

Do animal hospitals take stray animals?
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Many people wonder if animal hospitals are a good option for stray animals. But the truth is that, in many cases, it’s not. While animal shelters and rescue groups are a great option for abandoned, homeless, or injured animals, they don’t have the resources to care for them properly. Instead, they usually end up being euthanized. The following article will walk you through the pros and cons of animal hospitals and the best options for stray animals.
Many people don’t know that there are animal hospitals and rescue groups all over the country. These organizations will take in unwanted pets and give them a new start in life. If you’re interested in adopting an animal from an animal hospital, you’ll want to read this post. Before we dive into the tips, we should acknowledge a few things. First, to say the veterinary industry has been undergoing a significant shakeup would be an understatement. With the constant changing of standards, new drugs and treatments, and therapy options, professionals in this industry must constantly expand their knowledge. Suppose this type of expansion excites you, and you're interested in starting an animal clinic yourself or growing your current one. In that case, you need to figure out a way to stand out from your competitors and attract more clients. 

7 strategies to help make your animal clinic one of a kind.

1. Create a loyal base of clients
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In today's world, where pets have become adorable members of every home, it's no surprise why careers for veterinarians are booming. But, does your clinic operate in a major city? Then you're most likely competing with many veterinary practices. That's why it's crucial to be unique and establish a base of loyal customers. 

It starts with the name of your business. Make it catchy, easy to remember, and unlike anyone else. It's also a good idea to make a footprint in the community. Doing this will help your business get organic exposure. If your location is in a small town, being a part of the community is essential! Sponsor local sports teams, volunteer when you can, and put out positivity wherever possible. Do this, and you will create a loyal base of customers for your business to grow.

2. Be a trendsetter and stay up to date with the industry changes.
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As we touched on earlier, the veterinary industry is in a constant state of evolution. Although many will see this as overwhelming, you should see it as an opportunity. The true secret to making it in any business is constantly reinvesting into the company. 

Make it your responsibility to update what you offer—new optimal nutrition plans for pets, dentistry, medicines, and rehabilitation treatments. Innovating won't only increase your public view as the most ethical but the most professional. In addition, this combination will have people lining up to do business with you.

3. Offer education as well as treatment.
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Use your space for both entertaining and educating. What are you doing to better the pets and their health and well-being? Include people in the process, and even offer classes for people who may be interested in pursuing a career.

The experience can be challenging for the family, especially children 🙋. But, by providing a form of entertainment, you're not only helping people learn more about the job and your company, but you're showing that you go above and beyond for your clients.

4. Have an online presence for your clients and yourself.
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We are in the digital age, and not integrating technology into a prominent role in your company in today's climate would be a significant disadvantage. There are so many ways you can use it to maximize efficiency. For instance, you can use social media platforms to connect with clients. From sharing pictures to tagging clients in posts to email marketing, the interactions and potential outreach are endless.  

Not to mention how you can use technology in your office and clinic. So do yourself a favour and get online, from tracking finances to communicating with your team members. 

5. Client satisfaction: the visit can be hours; make it comfortable.
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Emotions will most likely be high, and if you know this, provide an understanding and comforting environment. From the phone conversation they share with the receptionist to the chairs they sit in waiting while hoping everything is okay; things are difficult enough for them. Make it your mission that they know you care from the first interaction to the last.

6. Contact afterward: if they enjoyed the service, ask for a review.
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After surgery or a medical check-up, host an appointment once in a while to maintain that relationship. Providing a quality experience is only the first part; to have a high percentage of client retention, you need to keep giving them a reason to stay. Suggest an annual meet-up where you can discuss preventive measures they can take to reduce any further decline in their pet's health.

Feel free to use social media platforms to reach out, and if they express how much they love your company, don't be afraid to ask for a review. Of course, nothing is wrong with requesting a review if you provide a fantastic service and continue that service. Just think, maybe that review can be in the form of a social media post of their cute cat or a group of adorable dogs!

7. Creative promotions to generate more traffic.
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As we all know, people want to do business with those willing to offer better prices and superior service. However, we also know that we need to attract people to the company to see what we can provide. So now is when we put our creative hat's on; time to generate a winning marketing campaign! 

Content is king in this situation, putting out material that people can effortlessly digest. Ideally, the material has to create some form of emotion for the consumer, making them far more likely to be interested. Luckily for you, two categories that are almost sure bets in any marketing campaign: babies and animals. There are infinite adorable pet pictures to be used. Bonus points if you can use photos of your client's pets.

Now, you may be thinking, "what if the cute pet pictures don't work?." Okay. You asked for it. I now offer you the secret weapon, the most brilliant idea the marketing world has ever conceived! 

Have the adorable animal; and the precious baby; in the same picture!

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In conclusion 
Success with your animal hospital requires a vision that captures your clients' attention and inspires them to choose you over the competition. Your vision is not just a catchy slogan on the side of a van. It's an inspiring message that tells the story of your business from the customer's perspective. So, what does a great animal hospital do? It has to tell stories about the fantastic care you provide, the people who work for you, and how you care for your patients. Furthermore, it has to talk about creating a warm, inviting place where you can come in and feel like you are in good hands. But, unfortunately, sometimes thing's happen that are unexpected and unavoidable. For example, a staff member accidentally slips in your facility, resulting in them breaking their leg, or something happened during an operation where the client's pet didn't make it. These events can ruin a business and shouldn't be left to chance. So, reach out to a UW Insure Broker today and see how we can help. 


Spay and Neuter Clinic

A spay and neuter clinic is a place where people can bring their cats and dogs in for a free surgery to have them fixed and declawed. The process involves having a veterinarian remove the reproductive organs (including the ovaries and uterus) and the testicles of a pet.

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Questions about Spay and Neuter Clinic

What does a spay and neuter clinic do?
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A spay and neuter clinic is where dogs and cats can be taken for surgery to have their reproductive organs removed and their sexual organs sterilized. It’s a great idea if you want to prevent unwanted pregnancies and help stop the spread of disease. However, it’s important to remember that this type of surgery isn’t right for every pet owner. If you are considering neutering your cat or dog, here are some things to consider before you do.

 Spay and neuter clinics are usually considered to be low-cost options for animal welfare. These clinics perform sterilization surgeries to reduce the number of animals in a household and prevent unwanted litter. These surgeries are often recommended for animals that are old or sick or animals that have been adopted out of an overcrowded shelter.

Will spaying a dog calm it down?
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Many dogs get very excited when they see a car. They’ll bark, jump up and down, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. It’s not unusual for a dog to become a complete maniac during this time. This behavior is normal and usually passes once the dog has been removed from the situation. However, there are times when a dog’s behavior can be so intense that it can be a safety issue. Many think spaying a dog will help the dog calm down. That’s not always the case. There are many different reasons a dog might act out or behave aggressively. The first thing to do is to figure out what’s causing the behavior and deal with it. It’s not enough to spay a dog because it’s aggressive. A spay or neuter surgery is a simple procedure that can help control an animal’s breeding habits. It is done in a clinic where the veterinarian makes an incision to the skin of the dog’s abdomen and inserts the sterilization tool inside. The doctor then removes the ovaries and the uterus. The surgery is usually done under anesthesia.

Why is neutering essential for your dog?
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The Humane Society of North America estimates more than 50 million stray and feral dogs and cats in Canada and the United States. Of these, about 40 percent are unwanted and unowned. That’s a lot of dogs and cats that need to be adopted. If you have a dog or cat that needs to be put up for adoption, then you should consider taking them to a spay and neuter clinic. It is obvious that you should spay and neuter your pet and some of the advantages that come with it.

When to spay a female dog
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Spaying and neutering female dogs is a common practice. This is a good thing for both the animals and the owners. You might consider getting her fixed if you have a female dog that’s getting older and isn’t spayed or neutered. There are many reasons why this is a good idea, but here are some of the most important ones:

Preventing unwanted pregnancies: Unspayed or unneutered dogs can get pregnant at any time of year, but it’s most common during the summer months.

Preventing the spread of dangerous diseases: Female dogs who aren’t spayed or neutered are more likely to contract dangerous diseases like parvovirus and distemper.

Preventing the spread of parasites: Female dogs who aren’t spayed or neutered are more likely to be infected with parasites like hookworms and roundworms.

Preventing unwanted litters: Unspayed or unneutered female dogs are likelier to have puppies than spayed or neutered dogs.

Preventing behavioral problems: Unspayed or unneutered female dogs are more likely to have behavioral problems like aggression, chewing, digging, and barking.

Preventing unwanted surgeries and future medical expenses: Unspayed or unneutered female dogs are more likely to get sick or need surgery, so they’re more likely to require medical care in the future.

Preventing a new dog from being unwanted: Unspayed or unneutered female dogs are more likely to be abandoned.

Preventing animal cruelty: Female dogs who aren’t spayed or neutered are more likely to be abused by their owners.

Preventing your pet from becoming homeless: Female dogs who aren’t spayed or neutered are more likely to end up in shelters.

Preventing your pet from being euthanized: Female dogs who aren’t spayed or neutered are more likely to end up in shelters.

Preventing the spread of zoonotic diseases: Female dogs who aren’t spayed or neutered are more likely to be infected with diseases like rabies, leptospirosis, and Lyme disease.

Insurance for Spay and Neuter Clinic

What insurance do I need for a spay and neuter clinic?
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A spay and neuter clinic is a veterinary clinic that specializes in the sterilization of dogs and cats. They perform surgery to remove reproductive organs and close up the animal's vagina or anus. As with any surgery, complication or accident happens. The operation will require Malpractice insurance to cover legal lawsuits from the pet owner.

Would a spay and neuter clinic need general or public liability insurance?
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A spay and neuter clinic needs general liability or public liability insurance. It is important to be prepared for any accident when running a business. You must understand that liability insurance covers you in case someone gets injured or hurt when visiting your premises. There can be many reasons someone can get hurt or injured while running a business. For example, they can get hurt by a moving or falling object..

dog trainer guiding a German Shepherd

Detection Dog Handler and Behaviorist Trainer

A dog trainer ensure that the dog does not get hurt while learning or being trained. It is an important part of a dog's life. Meanwhile, a specialized Detection Dog Handlers work in crucial sectors, providing security and acting as an alarm for certain substances.

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Dog Behaviorist and Trainer Professional

Working with dogs might seem fun and easy. However, in reality, it involves as much responsibility and risk as many other jobs. Dog trainers, for instance, work with different dog breeds daily.

What is a dog handler?
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The dog handler is the person who trains and cares for a detection dog. They need to know how to communicate with the dog to help them find the scent. These dogs detect illegal drugs and explosives and sniff out lost and stolen items

What do detection dogs do?
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Detection dogs are trained to alert their handlers to the presence of drugs, explosives, and other illegal substances. These dogs are used in airports, train stations, and other high-risk locations to help protect the public and prevent terrorism.

What can dogs detect in humans?
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Dogs are very good at detecting things that are out of place, such as missing objects, odours, or unusual sounds. They have been trained to look for these things in humans. Detection dogs are trained to alert their handlers to certain smells, including drugs, explosives, and people. They are very efficient at detecting these substances. They have been used in several different settings, including airports, law enforcement, and border control. Dogs have a keen sense of smell, hearing, and vision. They can detect the slightest scent and hear sounds we cannot. Dogs are believed to be more sensitive to human emotions than we are. They can even detect the slightest change in our facial expressions and body language.

How to become an explosive detection dog handler?
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The TSA Canine Program is a national search, rescue, and explosives detection canine program. The program provides a rigorous training program for individuals interested in becoming K9 handlers. The program is designed to train and certify dogs to detect explosives, narcotics, and other contraband. The program provides a unique opportunity for those with a strong desire to work with animals and their handlers. The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining a national transportation system that ensures the safe, secure and efficient movement of people and goods across Canada. As part of its mandate, the CTA requires that all persons who work with explosives and other dangerous materials in or in the vicinity of aircraft and on or near airports and aerodromes are trained and certified in the use of the Explosive Detection Dog and Handler team (EDDHT). It will allow Canadians to work with a dog team and become certified as dog handlers. This certification will enable handlers to provide screening services to air carriers, aerodrome operators, and Air Cargo Security Program members.

What is Medical detection dog?
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A medical detection dog is a trained animal that has been trained to detect a specific type of medical condition or symptom. They are trained to detect various conditions, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and more. A medical detection dog is trained to detect certain illnesses and medical conditions in people and animals. Medical Detection Dogs are trained to detect and alert to an allergen or an oncoming medical event. They are also trained to alert when someone has an allergic reaction. 

Professional liability insurance for Detection Dog Handler

What insurance is recommended for dog handler?
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Professional liability insurance is highly recommended for detection dog handlers as it covers professionals from damages caused by occupational errors. Handlers and their canine partners have a close bond. But working with an animal partner means communication is usually non-verbal, increasing the chance of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Mistakes are simply not an option when dealing with deadly substances in populated areas or criminals on the loose. A reliable, professional liability 🙋 insurance policy to act as a safety net is highly recommended.

A bite might cost your career 
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Some of these dog breeds are harder to handle, and they might often be aggressive with people. When dealing with difficult dog breeds, dog behaviorists need to be extra careful as the risk of injuries becomes more prominent. 

For instance, what if when you are instructing a client to handle his aggressive dog, he gets severely bitten. Since you were supervising and guiding the situation, you might become responsible for the injuries suffered by the client. Injury claims can lead to costly lawsuits that might interrupt your business operation indefinitely.  Having Professional Liability Insurance might be helpful to protect you from these situations. This type of insurance covers professionals from claims of negligence, omission and malpractice. .

Protect Your Dog Trainer Business
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In order to protect your business from liability incidents that arise from regular business operations, you will also need General Liability Insurance. General Liability will protect you and your business from injuries caused to third parties as well as damage to third parties property.

To learn more about other coverages that might be helpful for dog behaviorists, get a free insurance quote below. 

dog laying comfortably at lawn

Dog or Pet Boarding Facility

Whether you run this business from home or provide this service at a more professional location, you will probably require many resources and training to take care of your furry friends.

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Dog or Pet Boarding facility business overview

Why Pet and Dog Boarding Business is risky
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Do you run a pet or, more specifically, a dog boarding business? Whether you run this business from home or provide this service at a more professional location, you will probably require many resources and training to take care of your furry friends.

This is mainly because there are many risks involved with dog boarding services that can lead to liability. For instance, In dog boarding services, you will need to deal with different dog breeds, and some might be more difficult to control than others. Therefore, when accidents happen in this business, you will want to make sure you are highly secured. 

Insurance for Pet Boarding Business

What Insurance is recommended for Pet Boarding Business?
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What would you do if you become liable for injuries of a dog staying at your boarding business? Or what would you do if one of your clients that comes to drop off her dog gets bitten by another client’s dog? Having liability insurance for these kinds of situations will be extremely helpful. Not only will liability insurance protect you against injuries caused to third parties as a result of business operations, but it will also cover damage to third party properties. For instance, one of your clients drops off a dog and as they were leaving they slip on some dog poop that was not cleaned up and falling through the window of your business, injuring themselves and now in need of medical attention. As a result of this they decide to take legal action against you to pay for their medical expenses. However, luckily for you, you have liability insurance which can cover your legal expenses and any other additional expenses required as a result of the trial. With this form of insurance the cost to replace the broken window can also be covered. Having liability insurance will protect you against costly lawsuits that could bring your boarding business down. 

Don’t wait until it is too late, get insured now. For more information about getting the right insurance for your profession as a pet boarding business consult with us and get a free quote now with the link below.


dog drinking water from bottle

Pet Daycare

Owning a dog or pet daycare business is an excellent way to profit from a hobby. You can create a great environment for your dogs if you have a small space, enough money and innovation.

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Career as Dog or Pet Daycare

What is the prospect as dog or pet daycare?
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The dog daycare business is a great business opportunity for those who love dogs and are willing to open a daycare for them.

Owning a dog or pet daycare business is an excellent way to profit from a hobby. You can create a great environment for your dogs if you have a small space, enough money and innovation. You don't have to worry about how you will feed them, clean them, or even walk them. If you have a large space, you can expand your daycare business to include other services such as grooming, boarding, and training.

What is pet daycare?
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Dog daycare is a service for owners to drop off their pets when they cannot watch them. If you have a full-time job that keeps your dog in a crate most of the day, you may wonder how to find the time to care for your pup. The answer is simple: you can hire a dog daycare service to do it for you.

Can doggy daycare be bad for dogs?
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Doggy daycares are not the best fit for every dog. If your dog has the right temperament for doggy daycare, it can be a wonderful way to keep your dog occupied while you work or go about your life. However, if your dog is anxious, stressed, or dog-reactive, doggy daycare could be a big problem.


"There's no one-size-fits-all approach to dog daycare." The good news is that many different options are available, so finding the right dog daycare for your dog doesn't have to be difficult. While there are many dog daycares, a few things you should look for in a daycare facility when selecting the perfect one for your dog.

Is doggy daycare worth it?
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There are many different reasons why people choose to enroll their dogs in doggy daycare. Some dogs are too active to be left alone, others don't like to be away from their owners, and others prefer the company of other dogs. Whatever your reason for wanting to bring your dog to doggy daycare, you should always remember that there are some important factors to consider before you sign up. 

What's pet boarding?
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For many people, their pets are part of the family. They are as much a part of them as their children are. For this reason, they must have a place where they can live with their pets while their owners away. The problem is that it's not easy to find a place where you can leave your pets while you're away. It's not like going with a friend or neighbour who lives nearby—you want to find a safe, secure place that provides your pets with everything they need. This is where pet boarding comes in.

Pet boarding is a temporary place where they are left to live for a fee. It depends on the number of days you will be away. Pets are good for our home. They add affection and security and become part of the family.

Insurance for Pet Daycare Business

 Is doggy daycare good for dogs?
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Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Many owners make the mistake of thinking it's easy to care for a dog. However, it would be best to think about many things before you can be sure that your dog is well taken care of. Doggy daycares may not be the best fit for every dog, but they can benefit a certain. These places can help your dog socialize with other dogs, play outside, and exercise physically. Dogs that have separation anxiety will also benefit from having access to doggy daycares. The caretakers at these places are experienced and know how to handle dogs with separation anxiety. They will be able to teach your dog to manage his feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Finding the right dog daycare with proper insurance coverage
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Many people love to have their pets with them, especially when they are away for a long time. However, finding a pet boarding facility that suits your needs can be quite challenging. It's even tougher if you are looking for a pet boarding facility that will provide the best possible care for your furry friend. There are many things to consider when choosing pet daycare. Some of the concerns include the facility's location, the cost of the service, and the quality of care. The pet boarding industry is competitive, so it pays to ensure you get the best value for your money. Here are some tips on choosing a pet boarding facility that will give your pet the best care and having proper commercial insurance to protect the business.