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Yogabellies Insurance

Yogabellies insurance

Yogabellies live on the core belief that every woman, no matter their stage in life should be able to be supported through yoga. Yogabellies is also a service for those who believe they need it for every event in their life such as pregnancy and menopause.

Yoga is a form of exercise and stress relief for some women, which may be a huge priority for those who do it routinely. In some cases Yogabellies help those with pregnancy and post-partum and menopause because no matter the age for some women they believe it is a lifestyle. For some it is for health and for some its a habit or routine. These are critical stages in a woman's life and they deserve to be supported with those who provide Yogabellies. Unfortunately these stages also come with risks and accidents which are inevitable. 

As a yogabellies instructor, you should be mindful that if anything happens to your clients while under your instruction, you will be responsible. Mistakes happen all the time and instructors should get protection from any liability from accidental injuries. Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) protects you against such risks. As an instructor you may have a license or certification that allows you to practice it with other women, but even then you can perform it and cause a bruise or a mark which you may be held liable for. Having those accidents happen you may be facing lawsuits. Professional liability can protect you from those types of claims. If you have a studio you can have accidents that are not physically related to you, an example is if someone slips or falls and causes them to be injured you would be held liable, instead commercial general liability is there to protect you from those types of accidents. Commercial general liability will help you avoid those lawsuits as well. These are coverages you should consider if you provide yogabellies, For more coverages you can visit our website for more content.

To learn more about the coverages that might be helpful for yogabellies, get an insurance quote below and get in touch with our brokers. 

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