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5 Tibetan Rites Insurance

The end of your youth with 5 Tibetan rites 

Eternal youth, a desire sought after for millenniums. However, the hunt for the fountain of youth has been in vain. Or has it? A yoga sequence called the 5 Tibetan rites has been thought to be an ancient set of yoga exercises that helps maintain your health and youth, hence it has often been referred to as the fountain of youth.

It’s believed that the 5 Tibetan rites help stimulate all 7 chakras within your body causing you to feel more energetic afterwards. The exercises help stretch your body as well which should cause your body to be healthier and more energetic. 

However, any form of exercise has risks. When stretching your muscles, there’s always the risk of overstretching yourself. Overstretched muscles are worse than not stretching your muscles at all. In more extreme cases, you may tear a muscle. A wrong position during a stretch could lead to higher risks. For example, if you put your arm in an awkward position, you may struggle to get yourself out without hurting yourself. Mistakes such as slipping while doing a position could also lead to serious damages. This is all assuming you don’t have underlying medical conditions. If someone has a heart problem, recent surgery, neurological disorder, or even pregnancy, they’re all up for higher risk during the exercises. Thankfully for 5 Tibetan rites instructors, there is insurance to help cover the damages in case of any of their clients getting injured. Professional liability insurance protects you against any accidental damages your client may get during the exercises.

But there are factors that an instructor has no control over such as a client getting injured while walking down the stairs. A client might slip on the floor and hurt themselves. These damages caused by 3rd parties are covered by commercial general liability insurance (GLI). Every business should have GLI to protect them against unforeseen incidents that may happen within their building

Don’t wait until it is too late, get insured now. For more information about getting the right insurance for your profession as a 5 Tibetan rites instructor, consult with us and get a free quote now with the link below.

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