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Yoga Instructor Insurance

As a yoga instructor, your job is to help your clients reduce stress and alleviate tension in their muscles. On the surface, yoga instructors seemingly don’t have any exposure to risks. However, yoga instructors, along with the majority of other occupations, are prone to a lot of risks. In order to protect yourself and your business from malpractice lawsuits, you should invest in insurance. There are various types of insurance that can prevent your business from losing a lot of money.

Insurances like sexual harassment insurance, professionalliability insurance and general liability insurance are highly recommended by us. Sexual harassment insurance is required for any physical profession as you may need to be up close and physical with clients to make sure that they’re doing the exercises correctly. Any physical contact with your clients will make you susceptible to sexual harassment allegations, but luckily for you, you have sexual harassment insurance which will cover your legal expenses and any other expenses that come of this. Professional liability protects you from your practices. For instance, in the heat of the moment you tell a client you will help reduce stress and alleviate tension in their muscles, but after months you were unable to help. They may now decide to take legal action against you for negligence, but you have professional liability insurance which takes care of all legal fees and any other expenses that may result in the outcome of the trial. General liability is something any business needs, it protects your business from third-party injuries. For example, a customer falls and knocks over a pallet of your products worth thousands. Instead of being out thousands of dollars, you have general liability insurance which covers these kinds of accidents. These insurances will save you and your business from suffering from extensive financial loss.

You should always be wary of the type of insurance that you and your business should invest in. Learn more about insurance for yoga by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote. We will respond to your questions and concerns as soon as possible

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