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Yoga for Fun & Fitness Insurance

Yoga may not be so fun

Yoga is a fun and healthy activity for everyone. It's a great way to exercise your body while spending time with others in a fun co-operative environment. It’s a great way to exercise and help push one another to exercise more consistently while having fun. Yet despite this friendly and supportive environment, there always comes risk

In any physical activity, people get injured. The injuries may be small or serious, but either way you should have insurance. As a yoga instructor, all of your clients are your responsibility and if anything goes wrong you will be liable. If you accidentally instruct them to do something that's too difficult, they could get injured and you could get sued. Luckily professionalliability insurance (PLI) covers you for those situations. If an injury was caused by a 3rd party like someone sitting on a broken chair and hurting themselves, general liability insurance (GLI) should cover that. 

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