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Yoga for Breast Cancer Insurance

Cancer is one of the most challenging medical conditions a person can have. Millions of people struggle with cancer and need some relief from stress and fatigue. As the body attacks its self, many women try to fight their breast cancer with chemotherapy. The stress, uncertainty and fatigue can all be overwhelming. That’s why some women turn towards yoga to help ease some of those difficulties and help improve their quality of life.

There are some yoga instructors specialized in catering yoga for people with breast cancer. There are always risks when it comes to any form of exercise, especially for people who are in need of help. As a yoga instructor, you are liable for any damages that may occur to your client during yoga. If your instructions were too difficult for your clients and they get injured, you will be liable. To cover those damages, you should get professionalliability insurance(PLI). However, if your client gets hurt by a third party, such as a slippery floor or a piece of equipment, general liability insurance covers that. 

Learn more about insurance for yoga for breast cancer by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote.

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