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Travel Insurance for Canadians

For most travelers, getting travel insurance for Canada means choosing between single travel and annual cover. The two types of policies offer the same advantages: personal possessions, cancellation, medical costs, accident, and passport assistance loss. However, Canada's annual travel insurance offers several advantages over single trip, making it more attractive, especially for frequent flyers.

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Single Trip or Annual Plan

As it suggests, annual travel insurance for Canada offers cover for the entire year. During the period, policyholders are covered for any trip they take, which does not exceed a predetermined number of days, typically ten days, 15 days, or 30 days.

So if you take several vacations per year, Canada's annual travel insurance is a sound investment since you'll be covered for each trip you take during the year. Some insurers also provide their yearly travel insurance for Canadian policyholders with a direct debit option. Once their coverage expires, it is mechanically restored. This feature might offer forgetful holidaymakers, especially with peace of mind knowing they wouldn't be caught short abroad without cover. Canada's annual travel insurance is worth considering if you take one vacation abroad yearly but travel extensively at home during the year. Many individuals do not consider domestic holidays an insurable alternative. However, it is still essential to ensure that you're covered for travel disruption and personal accident insurance.

Furthermore, the cost of insuring a vacation outside Europe that lasts one month on a single trip coverage is likely to cost about the same amount as a yearly policy. You will know that you're insured should a last-minute vacation deal arise. When you are applying for Canada's annual travel insurance, there are some things to bear in mind. Most significantly, make sure you are sincere while filling out your application. Some insurance policy providers will only cover individuals up to 65, while others might charge different premiums to get different age groups.

Pre-existing Condition

The same is true for your health when you're asked about your pre-existing medical conditions. Eventually, if your insurer finds out you've lied, you might lose your right to make that claim. You will also need to ensure that you are covered for the geographical region you are travelling to. Most annual travel insurance for Canada plans will include worldwide travel. Still, some providers might offer more affordable rates for Europe only to pay or have higher premiums for pay, including a trip to the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. You can even find that travelling into a high-risk region - especially a country to which the United Kingdom Foreign Office advises against travelling - your policy won't apply.