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Swing Yoga Insurance

Yoga swings may swing you to debt

Using yoga swings during your yoga helps create a fun and more intense exercise compared to regular yoga. The highly acrobatic nature of it and upside down poses helps make the exercise seem more appealing yet intimidating. That intimidation is understandable due to the increased factors and risk of the exercise. 

Injuries are a very real possibility on swings for yoga. A client can slip out of their hammock and fall on their neck. You could instruct your clients to do an exercise that is too difficult for their level and they get hurt. As an instructor, you could get sued for either case. Fortunately, professionalliability insurance (PLI) protects you against injuries you may have accidentally caused.  However, if a client falls down some stair steps within the building or if they trip and fall, you will need general liability insurance (GLI) to cover any injuries that occur. 

Find out more about insurance for yoga swings by consulting us or get a free online quote below. 

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