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Manicure and Pedicures Insurance

Get your mani pedis on with insurance!

Manicures and pedicures are relaxing, aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Manicures and pedicures don’t just mean making your nails look pretty, they also apply to making them healthy, an esthetician or nail technician's objective is to ensure you have a comfortable time with them. Whether that means getting them painted, designed and cared for but it can also lead to asking a professional for treatment and care for strong healthy nails.

Although there is a difference between fungal infections and weak nails, nail technicians are not responsible for treating fungal nail infections however they may be the cause if it was not done properly with care. Nail fungal infections are one of the most common risks when getting your toes and fingers done, it poses a health risk. Nail fungus is known to have an unpleasant smell, breaks easily, yellow and brittle nails. If you specialize in making others feel good with their nails you should be aware of what can cause those from your nail shop. Clean and sterile equipment is a must when treating everyone’s nails and should be cleaned every use, otherwise the person's nails could be infected by the one prior. With that being said you should get liability insurance. 

The types of insurance you should be considering is professional liability and commercial general liability. Professional liability ensures that any accident or negligence you caused to a client is covered for. An example is if a client asks you for a manicure and gets an infection or wounds after you can be covered by insurance which will only pay for your accident. Commercial general liability has a purpose to cover any accidents that are caused on the property, examples would be slips, falling boxes, or anything that you didn’t cause. It is possible your clients may sue you for these and with manicures and pedicures insurance you can receive a package to help you cover the necessities of the business. With this package it will also ensure the best coverage you deserve.

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