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Beauty salon liability insurance

Even Beauty Salons Need Liability Insurance

No one is safe from liability when working in business industries as busy as beauty salons. Hairdressers & beauty salons provide a wide variety of services to many people, increasing their chances of incurring incidents and becoming liable to third parties. 

For instance, what would happen if a hairdresser at your salon accidentally leaves a hair product on a client for too long and ends up burning the client’s scalp. Chemical burns from hair products such as bleach can cause severe damage to people’s skin, and therefore hairdressers need to always be on the lookout for these incidents. What happens if you accidentally knick a client while cutting their hair, or if you accidentally cut too much and they decide to take legal action. Sometimes even when you are extremely careful, accidents still happen, and you can only rely on your insurance protection.


Beauty and hair salons need some kind of liability protection. Professional Liability protection will allow beauty salon owners and their employees to be covered for damages they cause to their client's property as well as for injuries they cause while providing their services. For example, you're cutting a clients hair and you accidentally knick them or cut their hair way too short. As a result of this they decide to take legal action against you for negligence. With professional liability insurance whether you are found liable for damages or not, your legal fees and any other fees that come as a result will be covered. The bigger the hair salon and the more the beauty services they provide, the more risk there will be, and therefore, the more they will need some kinds of liability insurance. In the case where your hairdresser & beauty salon becomes liable for injuries caused to a client, liability insurance might be able to cover legal fees, expenses and other losses resulting from client lawsuits. 

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