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Embodiment of Yoga Insurance

Embodied is a term usually thrown around to make a type of service feel special to some extent. However, embodied yoga takes the word embodied seriously. This unique approach to yoga embodies not just yoga physically but also psychologically. It embodies your mental state while teaching you practical skills such as martial arts, body therapy and more. Embodied yoga is more social and playful compared to other yogas. 

Embodied yoga follows a set of principles instead of a fixed routine. It teaches you to be self-aware during yoga while using the skills you learn in a day to day life. It rejects the idea that yoga should be a purely physical activity to try and improve physique. It's a lot more than that. Your body isn't only your physical body. Your psychological being needs just as much attention, if not more. It's what defines who you are and what actions you take within your life. Improving your life and wellbeing is a primary goal of embodied yoga. As you embody your phycological and physical self, you may see a new perspective on how to take care of yourself and your own wellbeing. 

As an embodied yoga instructor, you should be mindful of your liabilities. Your clients are your responsibility. As long as they are under your supervision or even your property, they are your liability. Unfortunately, injuries happen all the time in any field of work, especially physical ones. Injuries caused by 3rd parties within your building could lead to a lawsuit. Your floor may be too slippery and may have caused someone an injury. There could be a broken chair your client sat on and got injured. Commercial general liability insurance covers you against these damages. Every business should have this form of insurance. However, if you are not responsible for the building, there are still other risks involved. If a client gets hurt during a yoga pose or takes your advice on something and it ends up making their condition worse, professional liability has you covered. It covers you against lawsuits and charges your client may demand. 

Learn more about insurance for embodied yoga by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote.

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