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Getting Drone Insurance in Canada

How to get drone insurance in Canada?

Due to the aerial nature of drones (also known as UAV or Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle), chances are that they are not covered by your current insurance and must have protection from a particular aviation policy. 

With more and more people choose to operate and fly drones, the industry is fast became regulated all over North America, for a good reason, both commercial and hobby use. US Federal Aviation Administration has estimated over 1.6 million registered as of July 2020. A large portion of 73% was designated for recreational purposes. These numbers exclude the smaller size drone anyone could buy from Amazon.

Given the drone are flying object and deem to lost control resulting in crashing someone's property, causing liability claims, the drone owner and pilots may be interested in getting drone insurance in Canada to prevent unfortunate event of an accident. Even some may argue that home insurance should somehow cover some damage that takes place on or nearby one's property. This type of personal insurance will not cover commercial use (i.e. charging fees for taking videos overhead of other people's property). If you are only using your drone for personal use and not business use, there is no current obligation to insure your drone. But based on the number of accidents that seem to happen with drones, it is strongly recommended drone owners and pilots to protect themselves by getting drone insurance in Canada with liability insurance, and if the equipment is of high value, consider buying coverage to protect their investment.

Transport Canada has provided a flow chart to navigate licensing and insurance requirements to ensure proper operation. This information can be found from their web site.

Drone Insurance

Protect from liability

Drone owners and pilots should purchase drone liability coverage to cover any property damage or bodily injuries caused by their drone's operation. Ask your insurance broker for drone insurance in Canada. 

Protect your investment

Hull coverage covers physical damage to the drone, as well as add-on coverage for equipment, remote controls, and more.


Standard coverage being offered

  • UAV Liability (To Satisfy Transport Canada & Contract Requirements)
  • Hull Coverage
  • Ground-Based Equipment
  • Premise Liability
  • Program Specific to the Film Industry 


  • 24-hour claims service

Commercial Drone Insurance in Canada for small and medium-sized businesses

We have partnered with a few insurers to offer Canada drone insurance. One of our partners, Intact Insurance, launched a drone insurance in Canada program a few years ago and has since received a good response from Canadians for drone insurance.

Intact Insurance Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) coverage is a leading insurance product that caters specifically for small and medium-sized businesses that use drones to complement their business operations. They have identified a growing demand and a gap in non-specialty markets for drone insurance. The drone insurance in Canada will help address market demand.

UAV coverage is one of the Intact Insurance lines of the leading-edge offer. Drone insurance in Canada provides unique solutions adding value to brokers. Commercial businesses interested in adding drone insurance in Canada to their coverage can contact us about options available. Click Quote and select Drone Insurance in Canada for an online quote.

Protect your company. Anyone using a drone for commercial or research purposes is likely required by Transport Canada to carry liability insurance.

Drone solutions

We are currently targeting our existing or prospective corporate and commercial insurance customers who have a drone to complement their primary operations. Companies with procedures such as power generation, mining, or construction are examples. Smaller operators, such as photographers or videographers, are not currently on our target list of customers.

When flying a drone recreationally in Canada, it is recommended to have liability drone insurance in Canada when flying. Should your UAV (or RPAS as they are sometimes called) fall out of the sky and cause damage to people or property, you will want to ensure you are adequately covered for both liabilities and crash damages.

When flying commercially, you will typically require UAV or drone insurance in Canada for these flights (please check regulations in your area).

Common Repairs on DJI Drones and Their Costs

In the event of a pilot’s worst nightmare, a crashed drone, you have the following options.

  • Get it repaired if salvageable. 
  • List on trade sites such as as parts and salvage.

So, what kind of costs should you expect if you need to repair your DJI Inspire or fix up your Mavic Pro?

The most common out-of-warranty repair costs so you can have a little better idea of what kind of costs you can expect. Please note that these are DJI part prices; your local dealer may sell for a different price. Also, if you have DJI Care Refresh, these prices should be significantly reduced or eliminated.

UAV & Drone Insurance

If you are a business owner using a UAV for videography or photography in your business, you will need UAV insurance. Due to Transport Canada regulations, this can be a complex issue to navigate, but we are here to help. 

In Conclusion

Whether you are looking for on-demand drone insurance in Canada for occasional UAV flights or searching for a robust commercial drone operation insurance policy, we are here to help.

If you are looking for crash replacement insurance (not liability insurance), you may want to consider manufacturer based coverage options such as the DJI Care Refresh program.

Find out from us the best coverage for both recreational and commercial use drone insurance.

What Is Drone Insurance?

The word “drone” is used to describe an uncrewed aircraft, and insurance for drones is a type of coverage intended to protect the aircraft itself and the aircraft owner against claims due to damage, accidental injury, and more. While buying drone insurance for commercial purchases likely seems like a no-brainer, many drone enthusiasts also buy recreational use coverage. This buys them peace of mind to have fun flying without having to worry about hurting someone or damaging someone’s property. 

Do I Need Drone Insurance for My Drone?

Flying a drone exposes consumers to a wide range of liability, and that’s especially true for drone users with little experience. It’s possible your drone could malfunction and crash into someone’s property, causing damage to their home or their car, for instance. For that reason, many experts suggest purchasing drone liability insurance coverage at the bare minimum—even if you only fly a drone for fun.

More expensive drones may also require coverage for physical damage, and you may want to consider coverage for personal loss, which could help you if your drone is stolen from you. 

Does Homeowner's Insurance cover drones? 

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), your home insurance policy's liability component can kick in if you or a family member end up in a lawsuit for bodily injury or personal property damage after flying a drone for personal use. Your policy may also include no-fault medical coverage that can protect you against losses if your drone damages you or someone on your property—even if it’s your fault.

A homeowner's insurance policy can also provide coverage if your drone is stolen from your property. Make sure you have proper homeowner's insurance coverage to accommodate your drone and the additional risk in flying one. The III suggests making sure your liability coverage is particularly adequate if you want to protect your financial assets when flying a drone. 

How Much Does Drone Insurance in Canada Cost?

The cost for drone insurance in Canada can vary depending on a range of factors—the type of drone you have, the coverage you select, the amount of liability coverage you need, and whether you are using a drone for recreational or commercial purposes. Annual policies usually start at around $500.

How We Chose the companies that offer Best Drone Insurance in Canada

We compared the top companies that offer drone insurance in Canada on the market today to find providers with highly-rated products that can protect against damage, theft, liability, etc. We looked for drone insurance companies that offer the broadest coverage possible, either on a national or international scale. We also compared companies that offer drone insurance in Canada in terms of the add-on coverage options they offer and whether they let you get a free quote online. Drone insurance in Canada providers with mobile apps and updated online features were also given preference.

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