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Drone Insurance

Flying a drone seems like an easy and fun way to take pictures of houses for real estate agents or to record different shots for your own business. However, no one ever thinks about the dangers that could occur while flying. For example, what happens if you crash the drone?





How to get drone insurance in Canada?

Due to the aerial nature of drones (also known as UAV or Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle), chances are that they are not covered by your current insurance and must have protection from a particular aviation policy

With more and more people choosing to operate and fly drones, the industry is fast became regulated all over North America, for a good reason, both commercial and hobby use. US Federal Aviation Administration has estimated over 1.6 million registered as of July 2020. A large portion of 73% was designated for recreational purposes. These numbers exclude the smaller size drone anyone could buy from Amazon.

Transport Canada has provided a flow chart to navigate licensing and insurance requirements to ensure proper operation. This information can be found from their web site.


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Drone Insurance


Get your Insurance Quote here now Annual Drone Quote


Think before you fly! A smash on the windshield may cost you. Get drone liability insurance not only to protect your asset but others from coming after you, starting from merely $20 a month.