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Dog Behaviorist and Trainer 


Working with dogs might seem fun and easy. However, in reality, it involves as much responsibility and risk as many other jobs. Dog trainers, for instance, work with different dog breeds daily.


A bite might cost your career 

Some of these dog breeds are harder to handle, and they might often be aggressive with people. When dealing with difficult dog breeds, dog behaviorists need to be extra careful as the risk of injuries becomes more prominent. 


For instance, what if when you are instructing a client to handle his aggressive dog, he gets severely bitten. Since you were supervising and guiding the situation, you might become responsible for the injuries suffered by the client. Injury claims can lead to costly lawsuits that might interrupt your business operation indefinitely.  Having Professional Liability Insurance might be helpful to protect you from these situations. This type of insurance covers professionals from claims of negligence, omission and malpractice.  


In order to protect your business from liability incidents that arise from regular business operations, you will also need General Liability Insurance. General Liability will protect you and your business from injuries caused to third parties as well as damage to third parties property. 


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