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contractor insurance

Avoid dealing with multiple companies on contactor insurance

As an independent contractor, it is always advisable to get a Contractor Insurance Package Program from the same place as you could get a policy with a combination of

  • contractors' general liability insurance, 
  • tools and equipment and 
  • commercial auto insurance, all in one place. 

Doing so helps reduce the hassle of dealing with multiple companies, complicate when claims and a single point of contact to purchase and maintain your personalized contractor insurance.

Always Review Your Insurance Coverage

Over time, businesses may have an increasing need for insurance coverage as their business grows. Always take time to review your insurance and fill in gaps as the situation changes. 

As an insurance broker, we'll help small business owners to decide what is needed and the best fit for their insurance.

What you need to know about Contractor Insurance Package. Be careful and detail on all coverage. We issue liability, contractor insurance and issue certificate fast, all in one. Call now to discuss the detail.

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