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Chair Yoga Insurance

You may be sitting on your biggest regret

Chair yoga is a form of yoga which you do on a chair. It’s less intense than regular yoga. This allows a larger age group to easily participate in the exercise especially seniors. This diversity of age groups creates a unique environment where people of all ages are doing yoga together with ease and comfort. Unfortunately, despite its ease, risks always exists. 

Chair yoga’s vast age group increases risk of injury due to the difficulty of catering to all age groups at once. Some instructions may be too difficult for clients and as an instructor you will be liable for any injuries. Thanks to professionalliability insurance(PLI) you’ll be covered for any damages you may have accidentally caused to clients. General liability insurance (GLI) helps cover against 3rd party injuries such as a loose screw in a chair, causing it to break while the client is doing yoga on the chair. 

Learn more about insurance for chair yoga by consulting with us. Click below to get a quote now.  

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