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Baby Yoga

As a baby yoga instructor, you will be responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment when you teach yoga to mothers and their young babies.Yoga is mostly considered a safe practice. However, when young infants are involved, the risk of incidents will become more prominent. Having good insurance coverage will be essential to avoid becoming liable for incidents that occur while you provide your yoga classes.  

Professional Liability 

For instance, you will want to have the right professionalliability coverage to protect you from a case where a mother or her baby gets injured while you are providing yoga poses instructions. A negligent mistake or wrongly instructed movement can cause harm, and you might be liable for professional malpractice

Liability Insurance 

On the other hand, General Liability insurance will cover you for damages to third parties that resulted from your regular business operations. This includes physical injuries as well as property damage. For instance, someone falling off some slippery stairs or a broken washroom pipe causing a leak that extends to business establishments located underneath yours. In these situations, you might be liable for the injury and property damages of third parties. Having General Liability insurance will come in handy. 


To learn more about other coverages that might be helpful for professional baby yoga services, get a free insurance quote below. 

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