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Anti-Gravity Yoga Insurance

The gravity of getting hurt during anti gravity yoga

Antigravity yoga uses hammocks specially designed for anti gravity yoga. It allows the user to suspend themselves in the air while performing unique yoga poses that both help improve your strength and stretch your muscles. It’s significantly harder and more intense than regular yoga. Your muscles grow tired significantly quicker and the poses are a lot harder to pull off. Its intensity and higher risk increases the chances of something going wrong. 

As an antigravity yoga instructor, you should protect yourself from any unintentional harm that may come to your clients. You are liable for their injuries but thankfully there’s insurance to cover you in case anything goes wrong. An injury could occur due to your instruction such as asking someone to do a difficult pose that's higher than their skill level. They may get hurt, but getting professionalliability insurance(PLI) will cover you. If a client gets injured due to 3rd part reasons such as a loose hammock, general liability insurance (GLI) will cover you. 

Learn more about insurance for anti gravity yoga by consulting with us. Click below to get a quote now.  

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