insuranceGet your Acrylic Nails Covered with Insurance!
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Acrylic Nails

Get your Acrylic Nails Covered with Insurance! 

Acrylic nails have become a popular trend amongst celebrities and even the general population. Clients often get these nails for a special occasion, but many also enjoy having them as a part of their daily beauty routine. Acrylic nails allow people to express creativity, and they can make a bold statement to their outfits.

There are many reasons why clients get acrylic nails; some may be using them to prevent nail-biting habits, and others get them because they enjoy having their nails done. As a nail technician, it is your duty to ensure you provide excellent customer service and stay up to date with certain nail trends. Your responsibilities go beyond applying, cleaning, and removing acrylic nails. The products that nail technicians use have a lot of chemicals, and some could pose a risk if they are not appropriately handled. Therefore, you also have to ensure that you are using the chemicals safely to limit these risks. Some of these risks could include infections in the nail area, skin irritation, and pain if not correctly applied. If your nail salon has poor ventilation, that could also increase the risks of accidental inhalation or swallowing of acrylic powder, dust, and fumes of the chemicals you are using, which could damage your respiratory system. Additionally, you may dry nails under a UV lamp, and this adds additional risks. The main concern regarding UV lamps is the increased susceptibility to developing skin cancer and some less severe consequences such as premature ageing. 

As a result, your nail salon business may face a few lawsuits regarding bodily injuries and health code violations. Insurance is, therefore, crucial to help cover any legal incidents you might encounter. Commercial general liability and professional liability will always help you because they protect you from accidents and any financial loss that may come your way such as lawsuits. In addition, of course, it is always beneficial to take precautionary measures, but accidents are bound to happen someday. 

Learn more about insurance for nail salons by consulting with us or obtaining a free online quote below. Here we provided the link to our insurance inquiry form for nail salons. 

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