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Acrobatic Yoga Insurance

Yogatta get insured for yoga acro

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress while improving your body posture, stamina and strength. Yoga is great for your health and can help with your mental health and your body. Yoga brings peace and also fun activities to let your body be free!

Helping others feel that same emotion is a great way to build connections, but despite all the benefits of yoga, it might be a bit of a stretch to say that everyone is safe during yoga. Yoga is obviously not 100% safe and it's definitely not for everyone, with that info it's best to be safe. You may feel like a warrior during your poses as you head straight into a world of risk with your partner. 

As a yoga acro instructor you are liable for your clients safety. Yoga acro involves a lot of stretches and poses that involve 2 or more people hence elevating the risk compared to regular yoga. Acrobatic yoga creates more of a risk because of some poses that go beyond what our bodies can do and for an inexperienced person it can bring a lot of stress.  Some injuries that could happen are broken bones, torn tendons and even more serious injuries. Some would even assume you aren’t a professional with accidents like these and can ruin the reputation of your business, Serious injuries could lead to lawsuits requesting large sums of money for compensation. 

That's why we suggest getting professional and commercial general liability insurance to help cover damages not only to your clients and yourself but also your property from 3rd party vandalism. Commercial general liability insurance will also help you cover accidents that happened on your property, so if your client gets into an accident insurance can help you with that without having lawsuits involved. Professional liability helps you if your client thinks you’re the cause of their accident which may bring in lawsuits and with this insurance you can avoid that.

To learn more about the coverages that might be helpful for yoga acro, get an insurance quote below or keep scrolling our site for more services like these.

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