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Zero Balancing Insurance

Zero balancing might zero your balance

Zero balancing is a form of treatment that combines both eastern and western medicine. It tries to understand how your body’s energy interacts with your structure. They try using that knowledge to create points of balance on the person's body. This should help their body reorganize and balance the energy and structure in a person's body.

Once the person's energy and structure are balanced, their body's healing should begin. The main part of the body zero balancing focuses on is the bone. It’s the strongest part of the body and it contains some energy. By releasing the energy from the bone, you are releasing them from their past self. Releasing people from the burden of their past helps make them feel more relieved. 

The holistic approach allows for the individual to heal not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This balance is what helps make this form of therapy superior to the one-sided approaches of many other alternative medicines. They claim to help release tension from bones, joints, soft tissues and deeper tissues. People have claimed that zero balancing has made them relaxed and less tense within their bodies. It not only impacted them physically but emotionally. They felt refreshed and that zero balancing helped them open their hearts and make decisions. People have even claimed that it helped change their attitude. 


The risks

Despite the therapeutic nature of zero balancing, the risks involved are very real. Even with years of experience in the field, the physical nature of zero balancings comes with risk. You may accidentally cause more harm than good, or you accidentally over-stretch a weak part of a person's body, causing them injury. These kinds of injuries are covered by professionalliability insurance (PLI). But 3rd party accidents are also possible such as a piece of equipment falling on a client. Or the client slips, falls and hurts themselves while trying to get on the bed for treatment. These kinds of damages always happen and can be covered by general liability insurance (GLI)

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