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Xtend Barre Insurance

Xtend your protection

Xtend Barre uses barres for full body workout for adults from different backgrounds and interests. It uses more intense, high energy exercises to help strengthen their clients and boost their confidence. Despite its intense nature, there are less intense classes for more casual members to participate in. The universal approach of Xtend Barre helps create a diverse community of people with many different passions. 

Just like any other workout location, there are risks. Accidents happen all the time. As an instructor, you may instruct a difficult exercise which could injure your client and they could sue you. Professional liability insurance (PLI) protects you against such risks. 3rd part hazards such as loose equipment breaking during an exercise and causing an injury. This is covered by general liability insurance (GLI). Sometimes as an instructor, you have to touch your client to fix their pose, or co-operating in an exercise. Unfortunately, your client may view your good will as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment insurance protects you agains such cases.

Find out more about insurance for Xtend Barre by consulting us or get a free online quote below. 

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