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Writing Therapy Insurance

Write Away With Insurance

Therapeutic writing uses a directed form of writing to help many psychological issues people may be facing. It gets people to think and analyze events that may be impacting them negatively. The client is given a time period for continuous writing. This is usually 5-15 minutes.

There are also times when the client is given time to write their deepest thoughts that are confidential and not shared with anyone. The client reads what they wrote over what they have written and reflects on it. Despite the low risk involved for writing therapy, there are environmental hazards everywhere. Dangers such as a broken chair, or hanging objects falling on a client and could injure them. As a therapist, you should make sure you have general liability insurance (GLI) to protect you from any compensation they may demand for damages. Professional liability insurance(PLI) is also recommended in case you cause any damages though your profession. If your therapy accidentally triggered someone and made their mental issues worse, you will be liable.  

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