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Whole Woman Insurance

Feel whole with insurance!

With women on the rise telling their stories about having no say or rights, it is extremely important they’re heard now, but what about in medical terms? Whole Woman is a practice where women are told to not have surgeries that are deemed unnecessary and dangerous.

The practice also made women empower themselves with the mindset of having control of their body in medical situations. Some women believe that the doctors that try and treat them are giving them drugs that can harm the human anatomy. Some may believe doctors are giving unnecessary medicine to jack (increase) up the prices. This practice trains you for alternative medicine to avoid such surgeries as some may believe they know nothing about their bodies. There have been cases where the woman's organs have been shifted and botched during birth, which changed their perspectives on medicine. In cases like that it should not be taken lightly and there is a practitioner that helps you train for this issue. As a Whole Woman practitioner, you should take precaution as not everything you train is 100% for every woman and some may sue you for medical malpractice, if you have a license or a certification regarding this service you should be diligent. 


You should get commercial general liability if you provide services in your home or in your clinic, this will protect from accidents that are made on your property to be held liable. The insurance will only cover the accident and nothing else, so for example someone glass and injures their arm which then leads to a lawsuit and claims. The insurance will cover that accident.. The next insurance that should be covered is professional liability to prevent claims of medical malpractice and misinformation may hold you liable for you and your business. Alternative medicine does not always work and spreading or saying the wrong things will get you into trouble, so if you believe you need coverage you should get the whole woman insurance package.


You can get a free quote with us and then we may determine the right kind of coverage for you!

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