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Whole Food Therapy Insurance

Whole foods may not make you whole again

Billions of people across the world are eating food with poor nutrition. With the rise of processed goods, there has been a dip in healthy eating. There has been a spike in fat, sugar, and salt consumption, all of which are harmful to your body if eaten in excess. Whole food therapy tries to combat the nutrition poor world of processed foods.

Whole food therapy believes that the consumption of processed foods is harmful. Preservatives are not natural and should be avoided. Not only are they against the consumption of processed food for humans but animals too. They deserve natural, whole foods to stay healthy. Raw and home-cooked foods are the most ideal form of food for food therapy. The lack of additives in the food makes the food healthier. It tries to take back to how people a few generations behind used to eat, straight from the ground or farm. Each type of food has its own properties. For example, some foods help keep you warm such as ginger and garlic while others help you cool down like melons.

Whole foods are healthy. You can’t get harmed from eating whole foods right? The risk with whole food therapy isn't so much the food the people eat, it’s more of the actual in-person therapy sessions. When a client comes in for their therapy session and accidentally gets injured by a 3rd party such as a hanging tv that falls on them and they get injured, you’ll be liable. All businesses should get commercial general liability insurance to protect them against 3rd party injuries. Any professional in any field can make mistakes. As a whole food therapist, you may accidentally provide your client with a food plan that may not work out too well for them. Someone may misinterpret you and the amount and quality of food actually makes them worse off than before coming to you for therapy. That’s why you should always get professional liability insurance to cover any accidental issues you may cause to your client. 

Learn more about insurance for whole food therapy by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote.

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