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Wellness Coaching Insurance

Coach assured with insurance

Being a wellness coach is not a straightforward job. They are to help their clients with the organizing and development of a sustainable lifestyle. To be able to change your own habits are hard enough, to encourage others to change theirs is even more difficult.

They need to have good communication skills, strong moral compass, and good diplomatic skills. Having insurance to act as a safety net is highly suggested, 


Professional liability experience

Being a wellness coach means that you have a lot of influence over a person’s habits and life. This power can be easily misinterpreted and misused. Having insurance to back you up is a good idea for any professional, including wellness coaches. Professional liability insurance will cover damages from unhappy customers. For example, a client is unhappy with the lack of progress and decides to sue. Professional liability insurance will cover the damages and fees. Insurance is essential to any professional, getting a dependable professional liability insurance should be a priority. 


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