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wax hair removal

Remove your Hair Safely with Insurance

Waxing is a form of hair removal by using a sticky substance such as wax. The hair is pulled out entirely from the hair follicle including the roots, unlike shaving where only the top layer of hair is removed. Many people opt for waxing instead of shaving because of how long the results last.

Waxing lasts longer—around 3 or 4 weeks—because the entire hair follicle is removed, whereas shaving only lasts a few days because only the surface layer of hair is removed. In addition to the result’s duration, people may decide not to shave because the blades on a razor can cause bleeding and cuts that could lead to more serious consequences such as infections and inflammation. Waxing can also help eliminate dead skin cells, revealing smoother and healthier skin.

The first few times of waxing can be painful, but everyone’s pain tolerance level is different. The side effects are often mild, which includes redness, pain and irritation, but they often calm after a few hours. Although it is rare, some may experience more intense side effects such as rashes, bleeding, allergic reactions, or scarring. While minor pain and irritation are inevitable, the other side effects are preventable if you choose a reputable licensed esthetician. 

Licensed hair waxers, or estheticians, are required to get professionalliability insurance because it can protect their business against claims from their clients. For instance, what if your client files a claim against you because your client accuses you of inflicting an infection? That would cause you and your business a lot of legal expenses. Therefore, professional liability insurance is important as it gives you an extra layer of protection, similar to a shield. Licensed practitioners are susceptible to many forms of risk, so it is in their best interest to invest in various forms of insurance, like professional liability and general liability insurance. These insurances will prevent malpractice claims from affecting your financial stability. Insure before it’s too late.

Learn more about insurance for wax hair removal by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote. 

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