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Water Yoga Insurance

Water yoga may cause you to drown in debt

Water yoga is usually done in warm water between 30-32 celsius. It’s a fun and healthy exercise for most people. People with joint pain will feel a lot more comfortable in water yoga compared to regular yoga due to the water lifting most of the weight off the joints. This low-impact activity has risks, however, most notable drowning. 

As an instructor, you will be liable for any injury your client gets during your session. So if your client drowns or hurts themselves in any way during a session, they may sue you. Professional liability insurance (PLI) covers these accidental damages. However, some injuries are caused by a 3rd party such as a slippery floor next to the pool. Someone could slip and get hurt. This type of damage is covered by general liability insurance (GLI).


Learn more about insurance for water yoga by consulting with us. Click below to get a quote now. 

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