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Warm Bamboo Insurance

Bamboo may give you a boo-boo

As a bamboo massage therapist, your job is to provide a relaxing massage for your clients with the use of hot bamboo. The heat from the bamboo is meant to calm your patients and ease tension in their muscles. Overall, the experience is intended to provide a sense of relaxation for your client. However, accidents are able to arise during the process.

The heat from the bamboo might inadvertently harm your client, who may subsequently file a malpractice claim against you. In addition, your physical handling of the patient may also lead them to filing a sexual harassment claim against you. You should always be prepared for these kinds of attacks by investing in insurance.

General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Sexual Harassment Insurance

General liability insurance is something every business owner needs. General liability insurance covers any third party damages regardless if it’s to your property or to a customer.

For instance, a client walking towards their massage table trips on their robe, falls and knocks over a vase. The client injures themselves and breaks a vase, but as a result of the injuries, the client decides to take legal action against you to pay for their medical bills. With general liability insurance, any legal fees and broken property will be covered and on top of that, any additional fees that come as a result of the lawsuit will also be covered. Professional liability insurance protects you and your professional practices. For instance, you’re giving a client a hot bamboo massage but the client did not inform you that she is very sensitive to heat and as a result, you unintentionally cause burns on her back leading to a lawsuit filed against you. This is why professional liability insurance is important. With professional liability insurance, your legal fees are covered as well any additional fees that come as a result of the trial. 

Protect you and your business with insurance. For more information about getting the right insurance for your profession as a bamboo massage therapist consult with us and get a free quote now with the link below.

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