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Shut off the water before you leave.

Ask any insurance agent and they’ll have at least one story of a customer who left for a relaxing vacation only to return to the headache of a flooded house. Don’t become another cautionary tale. Turn your water off before you leave town

Find a long-term relationship that gets better with age.

Loyalty often pays when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. The longer you stay with most insurance providers, the lower your premium may become. Ask your insurance agency what their long-term policy is. Then stick around for the savings.

Don’t settle when it comes to your homeowner’s policy.

Comparison shopping for insurance shouldn’t just happen when you’re buying a home. Make it an annual exercise. As things change, you need to make sure your insurance keeps up with your current lifestyle. And don’t forget to check on group coverage or any discounts offered by employers, associations or other groups you belong to.

Six quick tips to remember the next time you’re in the market for homeowner’s insurance:

1) Shop around. 2) Raise your deductible. 3) Don't use the cost of your house, instead consider what it would cost to rebuild. 4) Bundle your home and auto policies (others too if possible). 5) Install a home security system. 6) Ask about other discounts.

Home insurance isn’t just for homeowners.

Are you renting? If so, do you have tenant insurance? Many people don’t realize they can purchase insurance to cover their possessions when they rent their home or apartment. A 2018 survey showed that nearly one-third of Canadians said they didn’t have tenant insurance because they thought they were covered by their landlord’s or roommate’s policy. That’s unfortunately not true.

That summer dip could cost you.

Many homeowners dream of installing a pool on their property. Before you plan your dream pool, talk to your insurance agent. You don’t want to end up drowning in insurance premiums.

Criminals don’t just come out at night

Most of us think of burglars as night owls. While that may have been true in the past, most burglaries happen during the day while homeowners are at work. Make sure your house is locked and install a security system to discourage thieves.

Paying off your mortgage really pays off.

Bet you didn’t know that paying off your mortgage could save you on annual insurance premiums. Most insurance companies assume that if you own your home outright, you’ll take better care of it and be less of a risk. Just another incentive to invest in your home.

Record weather could lead to record losses.

We’re seeing more and larger swings in our temperature ranges each year. It wouldn’t take much to have another record-setting ice storm like we say in 1998 in Quebec and Ontario. Six days of freezing rain caused month-long power outages and racked up $2.1 billion in insured losses. Make sure you plan for the worst and have coverage to match.