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Becoming a Instructor to some people may seem like a good way to have a second or main source of income, but many people don't see the hidden risks behind it. Whether you go to your clients or they come to you, both carry their own risks. Some insurances to consider would be public liability insurance, professional liability insurance and employers liability insurance.


Commercial General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Sexual Harassment Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance will protect you in the case of accidents that happen on your property. Accidents such as clients falling on the stairs or just tripping on cords would be covered under this. Professional liability insurance will protect you personally as a tutor. As a Teacher, you are expected to have up-to-date and accurate information to teach in order to help your clients. Though as humans sometimes we make mistakes and you may get some of your information mixed up which in turn could have huge repercussions. Professional liability insurance would protect you from this. Employers liability insurance protects you as a worker. Tutors from time to time may need to travel to their clients. With this comes a greater risk of injuring yourself either by getting sick or just falling. Employers liability insurance would cover this if your injuries have prevented you from working. Sexual harassment insurance is what it sounds like. You would think, `` why would you ever need this as a tutor”, but because you are a tutor and sometimes you do work alone with clients you do not want to be accused of anything without the right protection. This insurance will cover any legal expenses in the worst-case scenario and insurance would also cover any other expenses that would come as a result of the trial. Keep yourself protected and get insured before it is too late.

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