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Trekking Insurance

Trek with peace of mind

To clarify, hiking and trekking are not the same thing. Hikes are usually shorter and almost always done in nature. Treks can be done in any surroundings and can last for longer periods of time, sometimes up to weeks. Trekking is not an activity for beginners, even if you are a seasoned veteran, there are still significant risks.

Long distances in remote locations mean you are far away from help. Heavy loads from necessary equipment and provisions mean increased strain in your body. Inclement weather are common in mountain ranges, rainstorms, thunderstorms are all risks you take when trekking in the wilderness. 


To protect yourself and your finances, we recommend life insurance and personal liability insurance. In the unforeseen and unfortunate event that a catastrophic accident happens, you will be assured that your loved ones will be taken care of. Personal liability insurance will cover legal fees and compensations associated with damages caused by your unintentional actions . For example, if you accidentally destroyed a property’s gate, the resulting fees and compensation would be covered by personal liability insurance. Insurance is a wise investment, especially if it's for a difficult activity. 


Find out more about insurance for trekking by consulting us or by getting a free online quote below. 

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